Benefits of the YTP

Designed for students in their last year of studies* and first-year professionals who wish to secure a place in IESE’s flagship MBA program, the YTP offers you entry to a unique, cross-cultural learning experience.

As part of the YTP, you will participate in the YTP Boot Camp, where you will meet exceptionally talented classmates from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, whilst receiving support and guidance from IESE’s highly accomplished Career Services Team. During this stage, your suitability for the MBA program will be considered.

If you are successful, you will secure your admission to IESE’s MBA program, ranked within the top ten MBA programs in the world.

After securing a €20,000* scholarship for IESE’s MBA program, you will also have the opportunity to participate in IESE events all over the world, including the Continuous Education Program, gaining a first-hand perspective of business across different continents.

Finally, you will share your pre-MBA journey with a current MBA student, before embarking on an unparalleled learning experience.

  • Application deadline for the YTP:
    Round 1: 30 nov 2018 / Round 2: 31 Jan 2019 / Round 3: 31 Mar 2019.
*Early applications are encouraged as the BootCamp is expected to fill up fast.
*Scholarships are subject to eligibility criteria

  • “Aside from the obvious merits of pre-admission and scholarship commitment of the YTP, the Bootcamp offers an intense and realistic experience into life as an IESE MBA student, which is monumental to making career decisions.”