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“It is my great pleasure to write this message to you as I reflect upon the days when I was an applicant back in 2013. I still vividly remember the butterflies in my stomach when considering which business school to attend, the uncertainties, and the future where that choice would lead.

The journey thus far has been arduous and challenging, but extremely rewarding. The decision to invest in my personal growth and to launch myself on this adventure across the ocean, away from my family and friends, seemed insane and unreasonable at first, but turned out to be the most empowering decision of my life.

Congratulations for already being at the stage of personal growth to consider such a transformational experience! Everyone has a part to play to strengthen the community of female leaders in the business world, and this includes you.

I invite you to connect with our alumnae and admissions team to learn how IESE can contribute to your plans and further develop you both personally and professionally. Prepare thoroughly, know your strengths and goals, and trust yourself!

I hope our paths will cross in this process. Good luck!”

IESE Future Female Leaders Award 2022

Impact the Future. Be Empowered Today.

IESE Business School strives to develop leaders who will have a positive impact on people, companies and societies. We know women leaders have unique value but often face barriers. We want to help women win, because we believe that in diverse inclusive cultures where everybody is able to thrive, companies and society wins.

This year, IESE has created the Future Female Leaders Award to recognize young professional women who embody IESE’s mission, with the objective of helping them to realize their potential.

Awardees will be invited to participate in the Women in Business Conference on Feb 1, 2023, attend networking events and career development sessions. They will receive two nights’ hotel accommodation in Barcelona and meals. Travel expenses of 500 euros will be given to awardees traveling from outside of Europe and UK.

Applications close on December 9, 2022. Find out more information here.


The 7th Annual WIB Conference was held on February 3rd, 2022 at the IESE’s Barcelona Campus. A full-day conference with more than 20 talented professionals across industries and sectors that discuss topics on The Future of Work: Maximizing the Impact of Women.


The Women in Business Club (WIB) is a student-run organization that focuses on promoting inclusive teamwork, raising awareness on gender equality and fostering an environment where everyone thrives.

The club aims to inspire, educate and collaborate with all members of the IESE Community including students, faculty, staff and alumni through 3 main thought pillars: #1 Educate and Engage, #2 Inspire and Empower, and #3 Connect and Collaborate.

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Advice to Future IESE Students

Gender Equality in the Classroom

Men as Allies Initiative



WIB Conference

The WIB conference, an initiative that brings together MBA students, alumni, international speakers and business leaders from various sectors and industries to connect, discuss and learn more about how to promote gender equality in the workplace.

The leadership team places emphasis on different themes every year and will be welcoming the 8th Edition in February 2023.


Women-Focused Events

Coffee Chat with Current Students/ Alumnae
WIB MBA Webinar

Company/Industry Panels
Interactive Workshops (i.e. Communication Skills & Salary Negotiation)
Self Defense Classes
Humanistic Talk Series
Speaker Series
Happy Hour & Networking Events


Men as Allies Program

Core to the Men as Allies initiative, the goal is to create a culture of inclusion by getting men on board to understand the roots and discuss possible solutions of gender equality to support and implement changes that we hope to see in organizations.

The club has organized sessions on addressing misconceptions and having men mentoring men to start having conversation with each other.


Blog & Resources

The launch of the WIB blog was an initiative aimed at fostering a collaborative space for the community to share thought-provoking experiences, perspectives, and research on gender-related topics.

The leadership team curate contents on the blog and resources page to raise awareness on empowering women and sharing the experience of being a female candidate at IESE.



IESE is committed to increasing the number of women leaders in the global business field. The provision of the merit-based MBA scholarships is designed to support women, with a track record of outstanding accomplishments and professional excellence, from all nationalities to enroll into our MBA program.


IESE offer Forté Foundation Fellowships to exceptional women candidates admitted to our MBA program. IESE is part of the Forté Foundation, a non-profit consortium of leading companies and top business schools dedicated to empowering future women leaders. As a Forté Fellow, you will receive full access to the benefits and resources of the Forté Foundation Fellows Program.


This scholarship further supports women candidates who have 5 years of work experience or more, have attained managerial experiences and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.


This scholarship is intended for women candidates with a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) or have significant accomplishments in this field. Candidates should exhibit commitment to strengthening the female representation from STEM background in our MBA program.

Visit our Financial Aid site for more information.


  • Testimonial

    “I feel empowered walking onto Barcelona campus and into class everyday. Empowered seeing ‘women at the top’, empowered by the WIB Club in creating a culture of inclusion for women. The environment at IESE is one in which women’s voices are listened to, valued, and celebrated.”

    Tanaka Mawindi

    Tanaka Mawindi, US/Zimbabwe, MBA 2022
  • Testimonial

    "I’m impressed by how we approach gender-related issues through leadership cases. At IESE, the female presence is strongly felt and it’s common to see female students actively participating in classes, taking on roles as club VPs, and mentoring one another on personal and professional topics."

    Sarah Zou

    Sarah Zou, Canada, MBA 2022
  • Testimonial

    “The decision to join the WIB club was one of the best choices I made during my MBA, being able to connect with like-minded classmates, learning more about gender equality and how we can contribute collectively to achieving it. IESE broadens my network through club events and WIB conference.”

    Stella Colussi

    Stella Colussi, Brazil, MBA 2021
  • Testimonial

    "Since joining IESE as an MBA student, I have been constantly inspired by my female classmates. I feel blessed to have gained access to a network of students who are willing to work together to change the status quo for women across the globe."

    Cristina Pérez Herrero

    Cristina Pérez Herrero, Spain, MBA 2021


At IESE, IWIL is an initiative that provides a global community for women leaders across all programs, of all ages and at all stages of their career.

Our Mission
IWIL advocates diversity in companies by increasing the number of women in leadership positions and on boards. Fostering change in the mindset of global leaders, C-suite executives and promoting better practice in organizations to advance women leaders is pivotal.

Networking Community
To date, it has more than 600 members in 14 countries. IWIL helps to connect and provide support to IESE alumnae and women leaders through a complete range of activities that includes conferences, events and mentorship services.

IESE, together with private and institutional investors, also manages and backs FINAVES, a center that funds business ventures spearheaded by IESE alumni. A significant amount of FINAVES funds has gone toward promoting and supporting new business projects led by women.

Visit our IWIL site for more information.


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