Career Treks

You will have the opportunity to explore your international career options pro-actively and first-hand through Career Treks.

MBA professional student clubs work closely with IESE to organize treks, which include company visits and networking activities with recruiters.

An ideal, hands-on way to go directly to companies and explore specific industries and geographic areas, IESE Career Treks include:

Amazon Spain Trek

Location: Madrid
Sector: E-commerce

Asia Career Summit

Location: Singapore
Sector: All

Barcelona Retail Safari

Location: Barcelona
Sector: Retail

Berlin Startup Trek

Location: Berlin
Sectors: All

China Trek

Location: Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Consulting London Trek

Location: London
Sector: Consulting

Consumer Goods Trek

Location: London
Sector: Consumer Goods

Dubai Consulting Trek

Location: Dubai
Sectors: Consulting

Dublin Tech Trek

Location: Dublin
Sector: Tech

Energy Trek

Location: London
Sector: Energy

Healthcare Club, Madrid Trek

Location: Madrid
Sector: Healthcare

Healthcare Trek

Location: Basel, Switzerland
Sector: Healthcare

IESE Meets the Valley

Location: California
Sectors: All

London Banking Tour

Location: London
Sector: Financial Services

London Tech Trek

Location: London
Sector: Tech

Retail Trek

Location: Milan
Sector: Retail

Sport Business Trek

Location: London
Sector: Sport Business


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