An IESE MBA is an investment in your future. And like all investments, it requires careful planning. Most students rely on multiple means of support, including personal resources, scholarships and the Global Loan program. Our Financial Aid office will help you to make informed decisions and find sources of finance.

Every year, the office grants and manages up to €20 million in financial aid and scholarships. IESE Business School is also eligible for US Federal (Direct Loan and Stafford Loan) and Private Loans.

Visit the Financial Aid site where you will find detailed information regarding the loans and scholarships available to IESE Business School students.


Scholarships are granted in all rounds, with the greater part of them being awarded in the first three rounds.

IESE Trust Scholarship
The IESE Trust awards 20 to 30 scholarships to students with outstanding academic records, excellent professional experience and personal merit. These students have exemplified a strong fit with IESE’s values.
IESE Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the top performers in our application process and recognizes their outstanding achievements, personal merit and strong fit with IESE’s values. IESE Excellence Scholars will benefit from special engagement with senior leadership at IESE and will have the opportunity to share their ideas on developing our program for future students.
IESE Women Leaders Scholarships

IESE is committed to increasing the number of women leaders in business. These scholarships support women with a track record of outstanding professional accomplishment.

  • Forté Fellowship: Forte Foundation scholarships are open to all female applicants. Candidates should exhibit exemplary leadership through academic, team, community and creative leadership. Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to advancing women’s interests and represent diverse educational and work backgrounds, career goals, ethnicities and citizenship. The maximum amount of the scholarship is one year’s tuition fees.
  • Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math): This scholarship is meant for women with a background in STEM or have significant accomplishments in this field. They have the potential to serve as advocates to encourage and strengthen female representation in STEM.
  • Women in Management: This scholarships supports exceptional female applicants who have 5 years of work experience or more, attained managerial experience and have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.

IESE Diversity Scholarship

IESE is committed to creating a diverse community for our students. This scholarship supports exceptional candidates from under-represented nationalities or unique profiles who can contribute positively to the classroom learning experience.

IESE Leaders in Africa Scholarship

IESE awards up to three scholarships covering up to 90% of the MBA tuition fees.
To be eligible, candidates must be nationals of Africa and have demonstrated exceptional work experience and personal merit. This scholarship is available to those who apply in our ER, R1, R2 or R3 application deadlines (before March 21, 2022). A reduced commitment fee will be required by the payment deadline to secure your seat along with the scholarship.

IESE Leaders in Emerging Markets Scholarship

The MBA program welcomes professionals from developing economies. These scholarships support outstanding candidates who live and work in a developing country.

IESE Entrepreneurship Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to professionals who have displayed a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and resilience. Applicants should demonstrate a proven track record of entrepreneurship and a commitment to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem at IESE.

IESE Technology & Innovation Scholarship

IESE supports professionals who have a strong background in science or technology and have the potential to drive innovation and technological advancements in their communities. These scholarships award applicants who have shown expertise in areas such as big data, digital transformation, programming and artificial intelligence.

IESE Social Impact Scholarship

IESE values students who have made a significant social impact through their personal or professional experience. These scholarships are awarded to those who have made an outstanding contribution to society, by being involved in the non-profit sector or have helped to solve social or environmental issues through their work.

  • IESE Leaders in Sustainability: This scholarship supports applicants who have shown a high level of achievement and passion in leading sustainable business causes. They have the potential to inspire others as champions of sustainable business.
  • IESE Leaders in Non-Profit & Public Sector: This scholarship is primarily for applicants who have dedicated their careers to non-profit or government organizations, helping people on a societal level.

IESE Family Scholarship

IESE welcomes students with families and grants scholarships for students who, in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, deserve financial aid.

IESE Alumni Association Scholarships

The IESE Alumni Association awards five scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition fees. These scholarships are for future MBA students who have outstanding academic records, excellent professional experience and personal merit. These students are recognized for exemplifying IESE’s values and their potential contribution to the IESE community.

Meet Recipient of Forté Foundation Fellowship

Emily Hinton (MBA ’21)
New Zealand, IESE Scholar
Post-MBA: Boston Consulting Group, UK

“The scholarship gave me peace of mind about the financial aspect of the MBA which allowed me to focus more on my career search and academics. This financial freedom also gave me the opportunity me to prioritize the impact I could have in my future job over focusing on the salary. I am so thankful to IESE for this support.

Receiving a scholarship from IESE is a privilege and it is up to us to use this to promote ethical business, inclusion in the business world and above all be good people.”


  • All scholarship candidacies are covered by one dedicated essay within the application. You do not have to indicate which scholarship you are applying for.
  • If you intend to apply for a scholarship, we strongly recommend that you complete the scholarship essay and submit it together with your application. Your scholarship application will only be considered after you have been admitted into the program and does not affect the outcome of your admit decision.
  • The Scholarship Committee meets at least once for each round of applications. The Committee will review your application and if approved, will award you with a specific scholarship.
  • When possible, scholarship decisions will be announced with the admissions decisions, although some scholarships are awarded at a later stage (no later than June 30th).
  • Generally, scholarships at IESE are merit-based, meaning that they are awarded based on outstanding academic and professional achievements as well as a strong fit with the school. The GMAT or GRE score also plays an important role in securing them.
  •  Individual scholarships typically range from 10% to 50% of tuition fees. Please note that living expenses are not covered by any of the scholarships. In exceptional cases, candidates may be awarded a combination of scholarships (e.g. Forte Foundation + Family scholarship).
  • We have a specific pool of need-based scholarships, mainly for candidates from emerging markets. If you have any exceptional financial circumstances that you would like us to take into consideration, please provide a clear explanation in your scholarship essay and include any relevant supporting documentation. You may be asked to provide documentation such as income tax returns, proof of salary, bank statements for the past 3 months, medical care etc.
  • We discourage candidates who are fully company sponsored from applying for scholarships, as our scholarships are meant to support those who have financial limitations.


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