An IESE MBA is an investment in your future. And like all investments, it requires careful planning. Most students rely on multiple means of support, including personal resources, scholarships and the Global Loan program. Our Financial Aid office will help you to make informed decisions and find sources of finance.

Every year, the office grants and manages up to €20 million in financial aid and scholarships. IESE Business School is also eligible for US Federal (Direct Loan and Stafford Loan) and Private Loans.

Visit the Financial Aid site where you will find detailed information regarding the scholarships available to IESE Business School students


Scholarships are granted in all rounds, with the greater part of them being awarded in the first three rounds.

  • The Scholarship Committee meets at least once for each round of applications.
  • When possible, scholarship decisions will be announced with the admissions decisions, although many scholarships are awarded at a later stage (no later than June 30th).
  • Most scholarships at IESE are merit-based, meaning that they are awarded for outstanding academic and professional achievements as well as fit with the school. The GMAT score also plays an important role in securing them. Single scholarships can be up to 50% of tuition fees. In exceptional cases, candidates may be awarded a combination of scholarships (e.g. Forte Foundation + Family scholarship). All scholarship candidacies are covered by one dedicated essay within the application.