Tuition Fees


MBA 2023 intake  
Commitment fee€3,000
Tuition Installment€7,000
Payment MBA Year 1€39,750
Payment MBA Year 2€49,750

*Last updated July 2022. Tuition Fees for MBA 2024 intake are subject to change.
  • The initial application fee is $200. This is payable through Embark during the online application process.
  • To hold your position once you have been accepted onto the MBA program, you must pay a non-refundable commitment fee of €3,000.
  • To confirm your intention to join the program you must pay a non-refundable reservation fee of €7,000.
  • Both fees are deductible from the total program cost and must be paid before the indicated dates. If you are admitted when applying to our Early Decision Round, R3 and R4 deadline, both fees must be paid together.


The deadlines for the next program intake are as follows:

 Enroll Year 2023Due Date
Commitment fee€3,000*Up to November 25, January 13, April 21, June 9 or July 7 (Refer to admittance letter)
Tuition Installment€7,000*Up to November 25, February 10, May 19, June 9 or July 7 (Refer to admittance letter)
Payment MBA Year 1€39,750Up to October 15, 2023
Payment MBA Year 2€49,750Up to October 15, 2024

* for some deadlines applicants must pay both commitment and tuition installment at the same time. The tuition installment and commitment fee are non-refundable.

You can find information about IESE loans and scholarships, support and answers to your questions at the Financial Aid Office.


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