Explore operations, accounting, marketing, competitive strategy and the globalization of business enterprise in depth. You will take seven intense courses over the course of term two and consolidate core competencies.

Managerial Accounting

How to gather, accumulate and present cost information to make effective decisions through rigorous understanding of how cost systems are designed. Learn about:

  • Measuring the costs of the organization’s activities.
  • Planning, directing and controlling operations.
  • The budgeting process.
  • Variance analysis and management by exception.


Marketing Planning and Implementation

Build on your knowledge gained in Marketing Management in Term 1 and apply its principles. Move on to more complex topics, such as sales force management and marketing research.
Operational Finance

Get to grips with the concepts, techniques and policies of the day-to-day financial activities of a business organization. Learn about the management of short-term expenditure and how it affects working capital – and working capital requirements.
Competitive Strategy

Enhance your abilities to think strategically, whatever the situation. Learn how to analyze both your organization and its competitive environment to forge a clear, future-orientated business strategy.
Globalization of Business Enterprise

Examine the implications of globalization and set your first year studies in the global perspective. This module provides a global viewpoint on:

  • Leadership.
  • Finance.
  • Strategy.
  • Operations.


Operational Management

Prepare yourself to develop new ways of delivering value to customers while achieving sustainable profits. Your goal is to create another business success story in the mold of Wal-Mart’s cross-docking distribution system, Dell’s build-to-order model or Zara’s ultra-responsive replenishment system.
Business Spanish

More than 500 million people speak Spanish all over the world. It is the native tongue in 19 countries in Latin America, and a total of 8 percent of the population of the EU.

The Business Spanish program prepares you to engage in diverse business situations with a special emphasis on verbal communication. The methodology and the materials used are geared to facilitate active participation. You will practice the communication situations presented in the classroom to ensure you can use your communication abilities with ease and confidence outside the classroom.