IESE 50MBA anniversary | 50MBA anniversary
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50MBA: New Delhi. Anu Aga

Life Lessons of a Leader


50MBA: Barcelona. The Impact of the MBA on Top Management

How to Be a “Straight-A Person”


50MBA: Miami. Romaine M. Seguin

What Makes a Future Leader?


50MBA: New York. Fabrizio Freda

Creating Value for the Long Term

Franz Heukamp

50MBA: Singapur. Wong Su-Yen

Asia: A New Approach to Leadership


50MBA: Mexico. Pedro Aspe

Times Might Change, but Values Endure


50MBA: Munich. Franz M. Haniel

Leadership for Tomorrow’s World

50MBA Timeline


A meeting of minds. The Harvard-IESE Committee convenes for the first time


The MBA is launched: the first two-year MBA in Europe


Our first MBA cohort of IESE MBAs graduate with George P. Baker, Dean of Harvard Business School, in attendance


Starting a Business: Prof. Pedro Nueno’s entrepreneurship course brings a new dimension to the MBA experience


Welcome and Adelante: The world’s first bilingual MBA kicks off


IESE launched the Executive MBA program in Madrid


IESE premieres the Exchange Program with leading business schools around the world


The first MBA Career Forum connects students with professional opportunities all over the world


Enterprising MBAs and alumni find opportunities for finance with the creation of FINAVES


Our students organize Doing Good and Doing Well, an annual conference dedicated to responsible business


IESE Alumni Association begins to award scholarships to incoming MBA students that demonstrate exceptional work experience and personal merit


80% of our students are international


Harvard-IESE Committee celebrates its 50th Anniversary


The MBA celebrates, with Harvard Business School Dean, Nitin Nohria, five decades of preparing leaders to have a positive impact on people, business and society


50 Stories for 50 Years


50 Stories for 50 Years (Part 2)

50 Stories for 50 Years (Part 3)

MBA in focus

“Live Life Rich in Experiences and Deeper Meaning”

The lessons of life are, according to Anu Aga, inextricably tied to the lessons of loss. Addressing the MBA 50th Anniversary in New Delhi this month, the former chairperson of Indian engineering giant Thermax observed: “From a young age it’s helpful to internalize that loss, separation and failure are built into our lives. “At some stage we will have to face them. Every so-called misfortune, every rejection or loss teaches us profound lessons, if we allow life to be our greatest teacher.”

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How to Be a “Straight-A Person”

Becoming a leader isn’t just about accumulating knowledge; it’s about developing as a human being.This was one of many key insights shared by a panel of distinguished IESE alumni celebrating the MBA 50th anniversary on campus in Barcelona this week. Prominent senior executives from the worlds of banking, finance, consultancy and recruitment, the alumni shared personal insights into how to make the most of the MBA, and what it takes to become a successful business leader.

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What makes a future leader?

“Learning how to mobilize your people and get what you need to get done under difficult circumstances – that’s a sign of great leadership.” So says Romaine M. Seguin, president of UPS International Inc. in the Americas region. Seguin addressed alumni this week in Miami, to mark the 50th anniversary of the IESE MBA. Responsible for UPS International’s operations in Canada and Latin America, Seguin took the opportunity to reflect on the characteristics that undergird strong leadership, and drive success in the global economy.

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50 years forging leaders

In 1963 a big idea took shape. An idea that would help define the careers of business executives all over the world. An idea that would impact the lives of thousands of people. An idea as simple, and as complex, as inspiring business leaders to have a positive and lasting impact on the world around them. For 50 years, the IESE MBA has empowered executives from around the globe to find and connect with the best in themselves. To approach business problems from a broader diversity of perspectives. To always strive to see the bigger picture. To continuously ask more from themselves. And from others. To pursue excellence in everything. And to remember that every big dream begins with a dreamer.

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